Monday, December 7, 2015

Feminist Experiment

As 2015 comes to a close, I've noticed there are still so many articles about women being threatened just because they identify as a feminist. Serious threats, such as rape, murder, and murder of family members. Yet when these cowards (because that's what they are) issue the threats, they are not held accountable. I'm not entirely sure why, as I haven't experienced these threats. If I did, I would call the police. Threats like that should not be taken lightly. Yet thousands are made every day. I'm sure some of those women have contacted the authorities, but nothing is done. So some women take matters into their own hands and contact the mans employers (awesome) or their family members (equally awesome) in an attempt to get some kind of action. Because if the police aren't going to take it seriously then what other options are there than to take matters into their own hands?

So this is my experiment. I, a person who wields no influence over the general masses, am going to start writing some feminist-esk blogs to see what happens. Will people I don't know threaten me? Will they attempt to belittle me and spew cruelties at me? It hasn't happened yet, but once I announce to the internet that I'm a feminist, will I be attacked because I want equality for women and men? 

I'm not into twitter and my facebook is just personal, so I won't be tearing up social media unless friends share my blog posts. I work full time and am a mom when not at work, then I sleep. So I don't really have time to live on the internet as well. 

Here is my first feminist statement, with more to follow over the next few weeks. These are just a few, feel free to add your own in the comments.

5 Reasons Why We Need Feminism:
(in no order)

1. So when a serial rapist, who happens to be a famous male, is caught, he will go to jail
2. So women never, ever, feel like they are to blame after being assaulted / sexually assaulted
3. So students are educated early in life that feminism only means equality for men and women
4. To do away with the ridiculous saying "boys will be boys" when boys are acting in a way towards girls that deserves discipline 
5. And, on the lighter side, so there will be a sitcom / popular show with a plus size, average looking woman married to a typical "hot" man, instead of the other way around like it always is


  1. I've never identified as a feminist, and really don't identify with the meaning it seems to have taken on - but I do agree we so desperately need equality to become a cornerstone in our social fabric in so, so many ways! Look forward to reading more!

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    God bless you.