Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 recap

As someone who always keeps a running journal to jot down my thoughts, I can easily flip through the past year and see what stood out. Here are a few highlights from 2015

Depression poems published! (

The joy of yoga! (which will be full again in January...)

Feeling fat, but also feeling strong and seeing successful weight loss

My baby starting daycare

Vettel moving to Ferrari

My best friend's baby!

My other best friends tragic ectopic pregnancy

Accepting that my body fed my kids, so it's okay that it's not what it used to be.

Building a backyard for the kids

Discovering two new favourite authors; Fiona McIntosh and Kate Morton

Writing again!

Mudhero with my Mom

A love of sewing

Our family is complete

Going off my antidepressants a year early

Another autumn late night trip to the ER, this time for an ovarian cyst rupture

A wonderful visit from my mother and sister in law

A fun escape to Toronto for a few days

Trudeau sweeping in with a majority

A disappointing tendinitis that set me back almost 2 months of running

Getting back up to 5K by the end of the year

A tooth extraction


And finally, on December 28 I saw Star Wars with Tim and my Dad

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