Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction Part 2

I'm rather annoyed and disheartened to talk about my second posterior tibial tendonitis, aka my second ankle injury. The first occurred on my right ankle in November, taking me out of running for 4 weeks during my favourite running month, followed by a slow progression through December and January to get back up to 5K. But it was a full recovery, and a few weeks ago I made it to 10K by spring, which was the goal I set for myself last summer.

And now, my left ankle wanted to try out the injury. There isn't a lot of research about this injury, because it's kind of rare, so there are only some theories about why it happens beyond my physical structure, which is a factor. I have flat feet. There is no arch support there, making me much more susceptible to this injury. Some research suggests that hills or speed training can also cause this injury, and I do both. I was trying to get my 10.5K to under and hour by October, and I like doing 2 big hills a week (ideally I would run 4 days a week - 1 10.5K, 1 easy 6K, and 2 hill 6K).

I'll be seeing my orthotics doctor tomorrow, as I'd like to know why this is happening again since I've been wearing orthotics since Christmas.

I know it makes me sound entitled, but this injury really brings me down. Running is my natural anti-depressant. I haven't been myself since it happened almost two weeks ago. My spark has been dimmed.

Having kids is a huge blessing, but I have had to give up some of my passions for a while. In the process, I found something I love - running. I had a great system for including it in my life, and it is mostly free (other than the cost of shoes). And now it's being taken away once again. It's extremely frustrating. It may seem a little pathetic that I'm so sad to put running on hold for a second time in less than a year, but I can't help it.

I'm trying some alternatives, but I don't have many options, and even walking is still a little painful. I went for my first bike ride in about 20 years on Sunday on the SMB trail. It was nice - I did 11.5K. My mom has a nice bike so I have that option. But I don't want to bike in Halifax, and that is where I would do 3 out of 4 runs. So I've lost 3 days of exercise. Swimming is expensive and I don't have enough free time to make it worth the money (i.e. I won't be swimming 5 nights a week). And while biking is nice, it doesn't give you the same endorphin rush you get from running. Because I like spending time with my kids, I don't want to take one of the three hours I get with them in the evening to go exercise.

I like to challenge myself, and running is how I do that. I want to push myself further and faster, while doing it safely. I haven't done anything extreme that I didn't gradually move into. I even started light strength training to help with support.

I think this reason I'm so upset about this one is because I'm starting to doubt my abilities. Not for lack of trying, but just because of how I'm built. It's making me wonder if this is it for me - 10.5K at over an hour on a non-challenging pace. Have I reached my peek already, after just 3 years of running? I'll hopefully have more information tomorrow after talking to the doctor, but I really hope not. I don't think I would handle that loss very well.

To finish, and keep things light, I've always loved this Simpsons quote about arch support. Everything in life can go back to the Simpsons!

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