Monday, April 15, 2013

The Simpsons and Parenthood

I should start by saying that I love The Simpsons. Ever since I started watching them way back when it first aired as a full-length show, and have been hooked ever since, despite the declining work of the past 8ish years. I can quote thousands of lines - this show is a part of my life and always has been.  

One of the things I have always loved about The Simpsons is this; the more you know, the funnier the show is. For example, if you know who Ayn Rand is, then the fact that Maggie goes to “Ayn Rand School for Tots,” is an added comedic element. There are thousands of allusions throughout the Simpsons. But as I got older, there were other aspects that became funnier. For example, when I watched a re-run at the age of sixteen and saw Otto leave “Stoner’s Pot Palace” and claimed that to be false advertising because it sold kitchen supplies, I suddenly got a joke I hadn’t before.

Now that I’m a mom, a lot more of The Simpsons makes sense. I see Homer and Marge sitting and talking in bed on a regular basis, and understand why they do that. Because, after a long day of child-rearing, who wants to go back downstairs once the kids have finally gone to bed? I find myself doing the same thing – retiring to the bedroom around 8 when Victor goes down because while I don’t want to go to sleep right away, I don’t want to head back downstairs.

In many episodes, Homer often daydreams about sleeping. That’s kind of a joke because he’s lazy, but after having a baby, I can relate! There have been many times when I daydream about falling asleep.

When Maggie stays home with Homer in one episode, Homer is trying to pull her from the door frame she's clinging to and can’t pry her off of. He says “She’s starting to give!” and I realise that that’s true – babies may be small, but if you try to take away something they want, it’s not easy! They hold on tight!

I’m sure as my kid (and future kids) continue to grow, I will continue to relate as a parent to my favourite TV family. If a show only gets better as the audience becomes more educated, and develops more life experience, I think it’s a pretty good show! Screw Flanders.

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