Monday, March 18, 2013

Back at it

I've never felt daunted by a blank screen. Normally, I love it. I've seen countless posts about fear of the blank screen, and many more tips on how to overcome that fear and start writing. It's never been an issue for me. There is something exciting about writing something new. It's a chance to explore a new world, with new people who have been swimming in my mind lately. A chance to, simply, write.

But when I have to write about myself, or my own world, I am a little daunted again. What can I say that is worth saying? But with a new book on the way, I feel I should have something "out there" where people searching me (in my mind I'm sure people google me all the time!) can find something. So, I shall blog again. My last one fell through, as there were too many projects in my life and I was paying for a domain name that I wasn't really using any more. Then enter "I'm Pregnant," almost two years ago, and any free time I had to blog went away.

Ironically,  being back to work as given me the chance to have more free time! I have almost 2 hours a day when when I'm not expected to do something for someone. I've never been good at just sitting still to pass the time; I always have to be doing something, either reading, writing, or just fiddling with something - I can't sit still (as a good friend of mine knows from many destroyed paperclips in his office). So I'll start to write again.

This time around, I  might do things differently. Before I was trying to make posts about something. As this blog is about me, and about writing, I will be posting many more samples of my writing. Ideas that float into my mind. My life feels rather un-creative lately, save for my new interest in baking, so I want to have an outlet for that. Like I said, I don't have much free time for writing any more, but I can at least share what is there. And it will give me the chance to review some of my past writings, as I'm not going to post something that isn't, in my mind at least, good.

I will continue to keep writing about writing as well. Though as a new mom, you can expect baby posts to pop up every now and then :)

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